Don't Kill Your Ideas, Sprout Them by Watering with Confidence

Have you ever had an Idea that was kept aside before starting only for the reason that you felt you were not apt for doing it?

May be you are thinking you don't have the knowledge to accomplish your Idea or may be what you think is the Idea you have is just a waste of time or useless.


"You’re better than that. You’re ten times more capable than you think." Published by

Comparing Ideas with Seeds:

Let’s compare Ideas with Seeds. Just as a Seed needs Water to grow, Ideas need Confidence to sprout. If you stop watering the Idea before it has time to grow, how will you ever know its worth?

Just as a single seed can become a huge tree, every Idea has the potential to change the world and drop its own existence. If you don’t even give your ideas a chance, how would you say they all failed?

What is Life?

Life is a dot.

A dot doesn’t have dimension. There is no before and after. The dot is now. This moment. Now.

What if this moment right now is the pinnacle of our life? What if each moment is the pinnacle? That is, if we actually live it and don’t miss it through dreaming of the future.

What if the smell of fresh ground coffee is the pinnacle? What if the hug at the door as you go to work is the pinnacle? "-- by Mary Jaksch on

Yes it is.

NOW is the pinnacle of Life. So live with Hope. Start watering your Ideas with your courage. Every second is important how you spend it. Be happy. Never make Life to take you where it goes. Make your own path to flower your Idea.

Talk to Someone:

Take some time to express your Idea to anyone whom you think, will never inculcate negative feeling in your thought. Take little care at this point while selecting the person. Be confident in your ability to make every idea a reality.

It’s OK to stop putting effort towards an idea when you’ve genuinely recognized that it’s not working, but don’t give up before you have even started watering it.

Create an Atmosphere that suits your Idea:

Working atmosphere always depends on the Idea you choose. Some Idea may need an atmosphere that is really away from all the noises, nearness to the nature and away from all headaches. Few may require mingling with people, in the city from woods and holding all the tensions of life.

The world needs you to give hope to your ideas and believe in yourself long enough to take at least take the first steps. You have uninterrupted potential.

All those things you believe you’re not capable of doing become true only because you set your mind so.

Now, think about your Idea. Water it a little and watch what really happens.