Plans that did not Work is on a new Move...

Long time from now, when I joined my job newly, I had a plan for the society. And it was something like this-

I planned something for the society. Many people die due to non-availability of medicines for the people because of their poverty and the staff of government hospitals sells medicines to private shops. I just wanted at least one person to be saved by me. I made my mind and planned a way to make that possible. I would make a site or blog where I would post my plan and make it reach to the world.

In every house there will be a few tablets left aside. This is because, we all buy the total no of tablets for the schedule in the prescription. But when our disease is cured, we stop taking them and they are kept a side. One fine day we check the expiry date and throw them out.

What I thought was if I could collect these medicines from every one and give to those who are in need of them. By this I could save at least a countable number of people. I posted this on a blog with my contact numbers @, and waited for few months.

It was already 6months and received no mails or calls for help or request of collection. I lost hope and deleted the blog. That was the end and I never tried again to do anything.

But now I really want to do something for the society. I planned of renewing the same with online data posted everyday at the end of the day. I will implement this step by step. Today after posting these many posts and after getting a positive thought on what life is, I decided to start all that I had planned in the Past.

I will be Hosting a blog on the above plan on 25th of April 2010. I WILL DO IT.....

I really want to thank few people who indirectly contributed in my thoughts.

First and the foremost I would like to thank my sweet-heart (ARchana) who made me believe "Today is always there to correct the errors", "You can do anything, if you think YOU CAN" and also "What is not started today, is never finished tomorrow".

Next I would thank my brother (Ananth) for believing that I had something in me. Also I was introduced to blogs by my brother and today that changed my way of living.

Next I would thank my sister (Asha) for making me know what real disability and dependency is.

Last and the most important persons of my life, I would thank My Mom, Dad and my Friends for being with me in each and every situation.