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When we wake up in the Morning our thinking should be....

Because according to time bank, the following is our day....

Everyday you account is credited with Rs.86 400.

These money has a special way of usage. According to the rules,
Spend them as much as you can for today. This credit will never carried forward.

So use as much money as possible from this account to reach your goal.

Today is special because,

1. Still you are alive.
2. You are enjoying many luxuries which some of us are unable to fulfill.
3. Today is your day. Get Set for a great start.
4. Finally try to think out of the box to be unique, special and shining...

So If you want to use this amount perfectly,
Start your day with happiness.
Don't try to argue over things which are already wrong,
because you can never make them right again.
Try finding happiness in others.
This in turn makes you very happy.